What is Sincerely Magazine?

Dear reader,


   Do you enjoy writing or art?


   Sincerely Magazine is a literary art magazine for emerging authors and artists. 


   We are looking for original and unique stories of all sorts, whether in words or in a visual art form. Tell us how you percieve the world. Show us a new world. Bring us into who you are.


   I started this magazine in the summer of 2014 because it was something I had always dreamed about and I ran out reasons why I shouldn't. So I made the website, and the Facebook page, and told my friends about it and posted on writing sites informing people that this would exist.


   After a difficult six months of scraping together submissions and trying to figure out how to make this magazine become what I envisioned and after weeks of emailing back and forth with those featured in the magazine and designing and redesigning pages, Human was published and it celebrated not only the work of the people who submitted, but also who they are and their dedication to help create a beautiful magazine. Now, years later, Sincerely Magazine is doing better than I could ever have imagined.  We became an official Limited Liability Company in 2016.


   Please help our dreams and your dreams of pursuing fine arts. Submit your work and tell your friends and join us for a dazzling compilation of art and music. Become a patron if you wish to help monetarily. Intern or volunteer with us to work behind the scenes. Help us create this forum of expression for young and emerging artists and writers.


   If you have any comments, questions, or just want to say "hi",  feel free to drop us a line at sincerelymagazine@gmail.com.


   Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the magazine.




   Kieran Rundle


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