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Featured Works and Writers

Numbskull by Joe Baumann

Home by Margaret Buckhanon

Angel Splinters by Chris Clearly

Vertigo by Salvatore Difalco

Spirit of the Lonely Places by Jacob Francis

A Bird in the Hand by James Gardner

My Words to Cain by Gabriella Garofalo

Land by Nels Hanson

At Least at Times by Gregory Lucas

The City is Quiet by DS Maolalai

Strangers by Ashley Mazza

Perspectives by Bray McDonaldVisiting Mother in Prison by Megan Denese Mealor

The Tea Ritual by Linda Miller

Near Death by Sam Mills

A Word For Rose DF Paul

Ipso Facto by Thomas Piekarski

Queen of Hearts by Alexis Queen

Me by Michael Thomas Smith

Pole Dance Lessons by Ayse Teksen

Meeting by William Waters

Blue Slopes by Kobina Wright

Snowflakes by Ana Vidosavljevic

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