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2019 Art Anthology Cover.jpg

Featured Works and Artists

Edward Supranowicz

Modern Dance, digital art

The Queen Has a Snit Fit, digital art

Surroundings, digital art

Brett Stout

Vanished Love Letters From the Revolution, photography

The 20G Hydration Machine Blues, photography

Rebuild, Destroy, Rebuild Again, photography

Destroy, Rebuild, Destroy Again, photography

The Geology of Vail Detachment, photography

Education of a Wino, photography

Ken Tomaro

As They Look Down, photography

Splashes of Owl, mixed media

Winter Lake, charcoal

Hellfire, acrylic

Seduction, acrylic

Jen Mundy

On a Sunny Day, digital

Down Tow, digital

Kurt and Keller, digital

Just Dudes Being Guys. digital

Makin' Pancakes, colored pencil

In the Sun, acrylic

Sandra Paris

Woman in the Embroidered Dress, mixed media

Beyond the Valley, mixed media

Girl Under Hearth, mixed media

Gabriela Magana

Night Waves, photography

Literary Whirlygig, sculpture

Retrospect '45, acrylic

Retrospect '61, acrylic

Equanimity, charcoal

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