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Thank You to Everyone

It is with bittersweetness that we say goodbye- or rather, see you later.

Sincerely Magazine was the dream of a student who wanted to make an impact in the publishing world. Over the past 9 years, we have published hundreds of writers, dozens of artists, and are proud of every writer who submitted, was published, and participated in any of our readings.

To our friends and community partners, both our team and every writer involved in our process will always be grateful. You helped us create a pocket of the publishing world where the resume of the writer truly had no bearing on their ability to see their words in print. You are the supporters of equity, equality, and inclusion. You inspired us to begin and keep going.

Past issues will still be available for purchase on Lulu, Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon.

We have no shortage of love for Sincerely Magazine, but time and human bandwidth in this strange "post" pandemic era is in limited supply. Perhaps, in a year, or two, or ten- we will pick up where we left off, dust off our volumes, and begin again.

Thank you for this brilliant journey. May our paths intertwine again.


Kieran Rundle, Owner/Editor in Chief


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