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Sincerely Magazine is a biannually published literary art magazine run by three Albemarle High School students. We are currently open for submissions of our fourth Volume. Each magazine contains spectacular, original works of fiction, poetry, photography, and artwork from young and emerging authors and artists all over the world, including Egypt, India, England, and (of course) America!

We sell our magazine through an online self publisher that prints on demand, and we make under a dollar per magazine sold, so we are beseeching the community for monetary donations to support the endeavor. Your donation would assist the magazine in that we may be able to order copies to sell within the communities at our spring and fall open houses, upgrade our website, afford design and editing software, print the art and writing in higher quality, and so on. The possibilities are endless, but only with your help.

When you make a monetary donation to Sincerely Magazine, you will receive a complimentary copy of both of the current year’s issues and recognition in the magazine’s patron list where we will happily list your name or organization and even include your tagline or catchphrase! The higher the donation level, the larger the name and mini-line. For example:

~Sincerely Magazine~

~“A locally run literary art magazine, submissions open!”~

We hope to receive your donation and support you in return!


The Sincerely team

Questions, comments, or want more info? Check out our Facebook and website! |

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